Logo refinement for an industrial firm.

The original wordmark was probably drawn by a printer some time in the late 90s, when the proprietors began to think about expansion and supplying their goods to larger clients. Even so, it was only really visible on the business cards (see pictures on the right).

With younger blood moving into higher ranks, I was asked if I could propose a new logo without losing the essence of minimalism and the recall value of the original wordmark. They wanted me to add a sense of legacy to the design.

This logo was probably designed in the (late) 90s, by a printer or printers’ associate for the firm.

Sketches and Final Logo

Type Specimens

From the range of sketches presented, the final result was this custom drawn logo, with the initials ‘RNB’ for Ram Narain & Brothers. The wordmark is optimised for darker or lighter backgrounds, as well as size.

IBM Plex – primarily the Serif and Serif Italics, was proposed as the accompanying font system for corporate use and stationery design.

Identity Applications

Type Specimens

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Namrata Goyal©2020-2023