Intro to Generative Type

The 10-week online course offered by Type Electives had students explore generative approaches to design through typography and experimental letterforms. Engaging in critical discussions about design and computation, they applied their learnings to create interactive form-making tools and experiences using p5.js. As a member of the inaugural group, this was the class project showcase.
More on my project, below.


Taking concept inspiration from Karel Marten’s Patterns and Takahiro Kurashima’s Moirémotion, I wanted to add the element of type. This sketch was an attempt at introducing interactivity and some intrigue/surprise to type specimens, making them more playful.

Though I like where it is at at the moment I want to keep improving it and adding more elements to it. Perhaps a way of adding new fonts from the viewer’s system into the sketch might be interesting to explore as a next step. Fonts used for this sketch are from the Faune family by Alice Savoi.

Below, are some other sketches that were created during the course of the project. Click on a gif to see the sketch in a new window.


Namrata Goyal © 2020-2023

Namrata Goyal©2020-2023