Biblio began as a signage typeface for the KABK’s bibliotheek in Den Haag. Inspired by the space, “Biblio” is a clean, modern sans with geo-humanist proportions. Its narrow and space-saving letterforms make it suitable for signage or text in headline settings. However, despite the initial intent of use in display sizes, the sturdy-simplified details of Biblio make it a good fit in smaller text sizes as well. A fresh cut for the Text weights, Stencil, Italics and Devanagari is in the works. Biblio can be found on Future Fonts. 

Future Fonts is a collection of brand new typefaces that talented designers are currently working on, and will be continuing to update. This platform encourages designers to release workable versions of their typeface throughout the process, similar to how software versions are released.

Fonts are available for use on desktop, web and apps. To purchase Biblio, click on “Get Biblio”.

In Use 
Fonts in Use 

^ Signage; Library at Royal Academy of Art, Den haag. Photograph courtesy: Andrew Valkenburg. All rights reserved.

^ H Y P E R A W A R E by Extra Vitamins; full post here

^ Identity; Farm-to-Spaceship

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Namrata Goyal©2020-2023