Type Designer, Consultant

Namrata is a type designer, trying to bring the relevance and richness of the multi-script universe into a world of Latin-centric letters (and awareness to design better letters into a multi-script verse of Indic scripts). From a single letter to entire typefaces, she specialises in giving function to letterforms and making them suitable for their purpose, as well as consults on graphic design projects as an enthusiast of good typography and conceptual design. With nearly 10 years of experience, Namrata has seen the type industry in India grow (and glow!) tremendously.

She has been part of various teams working on font suites for clients such as Google and Samsung. Further, she has worked on fonts for Devanagari, Gurmukhi, Bangla and Latin scripts. She currently works as a team member at Universal Thirst while also publishing her independent font projects via Future Fonts.

Other than designing letters, she teaches workshops and type design modules in various design schools across India. Since 2020, Namrata also volunteers her time to host virtual conferences such as TypeLab by Typographics to give back to the community.

Namrata is based in India.

Universal Thirst

Type Designer

Custom and retail fonts for multi-script projects.

Future Fonts

Independent Foundry

Publishing retail fonts in Latin and Devanagari.

Type Design Consultant

Collaborating consultant with foundries and businesses alike. Projects include: IBM Plex Devanagari by Bold Monday, November by Typotheque, The Caravan.

Indian Type Foundry

Type Designer

(Past position) Junior Designer and member of multi-designer teams working on custom projects for clients such as Samsung, Google. Library fonts: Volte Devanagari and Latin.

MA Type Media
Royal Academy of Art, KABK
Den Haag, Netherlands

Post Graduate Certificate in Typeface Design
Condensed Type@Cooper, Cooper Union
New York, NY USA

Graduate Diploma
Visual Communication Design
Srishti Manipal Institute (School of Art Design and Tech)
Bengaluru, KA India

Namrata is always available for side collaborations and talks/workshops worldwide. If you have something to discuss, don’t hesitate in reaching out.